Airport Transportation – What to Ask Your Limousine Company


Getting to the airport on time is crucial if you do not want to miss your flight. In the last decade, security and check-in procedures have gotten more complicated, so you always need to be sure to arrive at the airport plenty early for a flight. So when you are booking airport transportation, what should you ask your limousine company? Booking a private car can often save money, compared to taxis, but can also reduce stress as you know you will get to the airport quickly and usually for a flat rate. Still, what information should you look for before you choose your airport limousine cancun airport transfers?


How much will the trip cost? This is obviously one of the most important questions you will ask before you book a limo to take you to the airport. While most limousine companies will offer dependable, stylish transportation, but they will not all offer the same price. Nevertheless, if a company quotes a surprisingly low figure, you might want to start asking questions about licensing, insurance, and the quality of the vehicles and service. Generally speaking, the most cost effective transportation will be somewhere in the mid-range of quotes; if you book the cheapest car, you may sacrifice some luxuries, and if you book the most expensive, you may be charged unfairly. Ask for quotes for luggage fees, taxes, and any extras in advance.


In addition to the ultimate price of your trip, you probably want to get some information about the type of vehicles the company offers. Airport transportation through private car companies may come in all shapes and sizes from luxury SUVs to Lincoln Towncars. Do you want a stretch limo, or is a stylish sedan acceptable? When you ask about airport transportation, make sure to get as much information about the type of car you will be getting, as this will often affect the price. You can ask about the make, model, and year of the car, in addition to what services are included with the vehicle.

Insurance and Drivers

Obviously, you want to arrange transport to the airport with a company that offers the proper insurance and licensing. The company should provide qualified drivers with experience in the city you are travelling. If you’re really serious about getting high quality limousine service at a reasonable price, ask for reference/recommendations from past customers. At the very least, by speaking to past customers you can gauge the quality of service provided by the driver and the company.

Remember, when you are booking airport transportation, it’s always advisable to do some research. A few questions can help to ensure that you get to the airport safely and on time. As a consumer, you have every right to gather as much information as possible about the limousine service and make an educated choice. Most major cities will have many airport transport options and many companies competing for your business.

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