Is a Kick Scooter Safer Than an Electric Scooter?


You are searching avidly online for either a kick scooter for your child or someone else. During your search you keep running across powered scooters but you are questioning the safety of an electric scooter. If the issue of price is not a factor than your probably turned away by the “speed”. Normally, we associate an increase of speed with being more dangerous for our kids. Let me make this clear – less speed does not equal a safer ride reviews.

Ask any parent with a child that rides a skateboard; jumps, grabs, flips and rail riding (a.k.a. “grinding”) are just a few risky skateboarding maneuvers exercised on a board no quicker than a kick scooter. In no uncertain terms the kick scooter can essentially do similar tricks- though the technique may be done differently. The metal surface provides an excellent support for grinding and its light aluminum frame is easily hoisted into the air for jumps.

In contrast, an electric scooter can actually be safer due to its hefty construction. To support and protect the electric motor and batteries, these scooters are normally made out of thicker aluminum. Consequently, there is an increase in weight and rigidity, which will be discussed later in detail. This is not to say that “electric scooters are safer than kick scooters” but the heavy bulk of these scooters limits certain tricks. For instance, jumps, grinds, and flips are dramatically (if not completely) limited due to the weight of electric motor and batteries.

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