Three Reasons to Use WordPress for Small Business Websites


There are hundreds and hundreds of accessible website platforms on the market to create an internet advertising, ecommerce, small business or hobby site. Anything from free “hosted” services which need no programming knowledge about any sort to countless publicly available website templates which may be used with applications like front page and so on. My suggestion to anyone seeking to create pretty much any type of site, small business owners contained, would be to utilize a self-hosted WordPress program. There are a couple of reasons for this and Here’s What I think about the best three:

1) It is surprisingly flexible. Having a self-hosted WordPress site you’ve got the capacity to rapidly and easily make an excellent looking and functional easy site with essentially no knowledge of any programming languages (such as HTML or PHP) Hosting wordpress. Additionally, as you become more comfortable with the program, you will find tens of thousands of what are known as “plugins” which permit you to greatly expand the features and functions your site provides to your customers. These included, but are on no account restricted to e commerce options, slideshows, RSS feeds, picture gallery attributes, newsletter programs, stock databases, link though Facebook and Twitter accounts and just about anything you can consider. The app itself is quite search engine friendly so you are going to have great luck with rank with a few of the huge sites such as Google or Yahoo.

2) It is always being updated. As internet technology and trends are still alter keeping up with the most recent and best new thing can be quite hard if you’re doing your own thing in regards to websites. The attractiveness of this WordPress software is that the group of programmers and consumers alike which keep this current, provide an never ending flow of fresh plugins and themes, and help stop malicious attacks against the unfortunate fact of hackers. I am positive that you’ve come across sites which seem, even to the newcomer, to be out of date. This will not occur with WordPress since it’s stunningly easy to alter the appearance and feel of your website when you feel the impulse.

3) It is free. That’s right, free. The WordPress software can be found free of cost to anyone who’d enjoy it. It is Open Source software that’s used by millions and millions of individuals globally. To have your very own personal website the sole costs you incur would be the of a domain, possibly $10 a calendar year, and also a small hosting accounts which may cost $10-$15 per month. That is it.

If you’re seeking to begin a hobby website, an internet advertising website or any type of small business site I invite you to look intently in a self-hosted WordPress site! Get to it!

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