Notary Public Seals

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Notary public seals disclose that the documents are genuine, all parties agree to the terms and conditions, and that the identity of all persons signing them is confirmed. Important papers such as affidavits, mortgage documents or papers related to bankruptcy filing must be notarized so as to establish their legitimacy. Notary public seals found in birth certificates or identification cards guarantee that these documents are genuine.

In general, notary public seals include stamps, embossers and those created by electronic means. Only seals manufactured by a permit holder can be sold, duplicated or offered for sale. This requirement includes replacement seals for those previously manufactured. Permission for manufacturing notary public seals can be gained by submitting a completed application. The format of the application form is prescribed by the Secretary of State along with an issuing fee.

A notary public seal contains the name of the notary public, the state seal, the words ?notary public?, the filing county shown on the certificate of authorization, the notary public commission expiration date, the notary public commission number and the manufacturer identification number. Notary public seals are available in circular or rectangular shapes, with a serrated or milled edged border. The circular seal is not over two inches and the rectangular one is not more than one inch in width by two and one-half inches in length Notary Public Austin.

Notary public seals are unique to the person using it, capable of verification, under the sole control of the person using it, and accepted in the same format and appearance as transmitted. A manufacturer produces a notary seal only upon the presentation of a certificate of authorization issued by the Secretary of State for the making of that particular seal.

The lack of notary public seals shall not make the acts of a notary invalid if his official title is affixed. But, if the documents are to be filed in another state or used in another country, the seal is strongly suggested. Many states are unwilling to receive documents that do not contain a notary public seal.

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