Water Machines – Important Features Every Office Must Have


Water cooler or water dispenser talk is certainly a phenomenon that is linked with a usual office setting. You can hardly ever find an office without water machines where employees can get up and fill a coffee mug or paper cup with water every now and then. In fact, it is also where they can take a moment to stand around with their co-employees, and engage in small talk or perhaps even share friendly stories or news.

However, apart from drawing employees to a single location to take a breather from work as well as catch up with friends, water machines also play other significant roles within the office. Some are provided below www.thebestalkalinewatermachines.com:

First, they help the company save finances. Some offices choose to make water in individual bottles and give it to their employees instead of installing a water dispenser. Although some people may think that this is a handy solution, think about the numbers for a second: a 355 milliliter bottle of water would actually cost about $2.50. If you bought enough individual water that is equivalent to the water contained in a 15 litre bottle used to fill a water machine, you need to pay for about $105 – but the 15 litre bottle would only costs $14.90, and it will even be delivered to the office free of charge.

Secondly, it would contribute to an organizations environment friendly initiatives. One-use water bottles, as the name suggests, will need to be thrown out after a single use. This means that more plastic will be added to landfills each time a person finishes drinking from an individual bottle of water. On the contrary, a 15 litre bottle for dispensers can be cleaned as well as reused for up to 125 times. With this, the use of water machines will deliver water without a great environmental impact.

And lastly, they provide refreshment. Busy employees will usually reach for coffee throughout the day because they believe that this is the only beverage that can help them to stay focused and alert even through long working hours. But it is very important to stay hydrated using the purest forms of liquid that is also the healthiest for the body, and that is plain water. In fact, water can keep you refreshed without the added calories that sugar- and caffeine-laden drinks have, therefore, helping you avoid additional health as well as physical bodily issues that come with them.

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