Corrugated Plastic Nestable Containers – One Case Where The U.S. Government Isn’t Wrong


If you’ve ever worked in an environment that receives large amounts of mail from the post office, chances are you’ve seen one (or even tried to snag one for your own personal use). They’re the plastic corrugated nestable totes used by the United States Postal Service to deliver mail.

While the overall efficiency of the U.S. government could be debated for hours on end, it is hard to argue that the postal service got it right in selecting nestable corrugated plastic containers for mail delivery. The reason these bins are so economical is because they are made to withstand frequent handling and stress, and seldom have to be replaced.

Plastic corrugated is a durable material designed to take the place of the conventional paper and cardboard corrugated products which once dominated the packaging and distribution industry. Corrugated plastic is formed when two plastic liners are fused together on either side of a sheet of wavy plastic known as fluting corrugated plastic rolls. Together, these three layers create a weather and chemical-resistant material whose properties offer a superior alternative to traditional packaging methods. When used in the construction of nestable plastic containers, the result is a long-lasting and super efficient tool that can result in significant cost savings.

For example, corrugated plastic nestable containers are specifically designed to fit inside each other when not in use, which saves enormous amounts of storage and warehouse space because, when stacked on top of one another, the nestable bins take up much less space than traditional containers. And the durable plastic corrugated construction ensures that any objects contained inside are safe and secure, and that the container will not need to be replaced as regularly as those made from paper corrugated.

Plastic corrugated nestable containers are available in hundreds of standard sizes, and can easily be customized according to an individual company’s unique specifications. In addition, there are a variety of accessories that can be added to them, such as dividers, covers, label holders, hand holes, as well as a special coating for electronic applications designed to protect against electrostatic shock.

So while we may have a few bones to pick with the government about its wasteful habits, we can take comfort in the fact that at least one federal department is thinking resourcefully. When it comes to reaping the benefits of corrugated plastic nestable containers, you can best believe the check is in the mail!

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