Occasion Photography Goes to the Ball

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Occasion Photography Goes to the Ball


Modern Digital technology has changed the practice of Ball Photography. That’s selling and taking photographs of the guests in a black-tie dinner, a charity ball or even a college prom. Gone will be the days in which a photographer would require a few frames of every couple as they came a the ball then flair into a local photo lab to have the film processed and enlargements made from the very best picture of every bunch. It was not over then, the photographer would rush back into the ball and design all of the enlargements on the desk expecting that there were a few guests left who would be interested in purchasing a print. Stressful, susceptible to difficulties and potential delays. Now we’ve got electronic Washington DC photographers.

An electronic arrangement means that numerous pictures can be obtained of every couple because there’s not any film to waste. These pictures can be beamed directly to a computer by a wifi link or simply by turning the camera into a system using a cable. The pictures can then be instantly viewed by the guests onto a monitor screen. Groans and moans of “God, look at the eyebrow” or “I am blinking” can quickly be viewed and there is no wasted film or printer paper. The customer can have another move, try different presents, mess around or simply pose since they enjoy having their photograph taken. It is all easy to perform, and do again and again. Until the guest is pleased with what they view on the monitor. It makes purchasing a print so much simpler.

Next comes the last item. This is sometimes a mounted print; modern-day Dye-sub photograph printers may output a laboratory quality printing in moments. Some printers can manage numerous dimensions of printing from precisely the exact same roll of newspaper. Add in another printer which prints large format prints along with also the choice for the customer grows and develops. Think about a keyring using the picture in it. A photo mug possibly or a digital picture on a USB stick or CD willing to upload to Facebook or email to family in Australia. Each one these goods can be produced at the night, in the ball, prepared for your guests to remove in the end of the day. Modern printing technology is advancing all of the time and more products are coming along all of the time.

Today’s technical procedure is much easier, no dashing around, printing and developing and hoping you’ll sell something in the end of the evening. Having an onsite end-to-end workflow that the photographer and his staff is now able to produce an excellent product without those previous pressures. We just need to attempt to convince the customer that they seem good in that fifth group of portraits we did for them, “No I can not find any wrinkles. You look good”. Oh Well.

Jonathan Tucker is a professional photographer who specialises in Event Photography and enjoys to supply excellent images for his customers in the occasions he photos.

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