Domestic Violence in the NFL

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watch NFL – Can the NFL care about their players and their families? Together with the current Ray Rice scandal I would say that the NFL requires a much better strategy. The NFL requires a fresh picture. It is not a organization’s job to track their employee’s home life. That is a massive invasion of privacy. Domestic Violence
But, they can begin developing a culture of a company that promotes great family values. Simply because the NFL can find the whole family together on Sunday during football season does not mean they have established that culture of excellent family values. The civilization can begin with seminars and compulsory stipulations in the contracts which violent behaviour whether it is towards a person or woman isn’t tolerated. Otherwise, does the NFL deserve each the patrons they have?
Soccer is America. It is a massive staple of American culture and dinner table discussions. People are able to discuss it for days and hours with no anything else in common. The NFL pictures of a spouse being pumped out cold isn’t the picture the NFL should endure.
Nobody can predict that worker has deeper issues in your home, however offering counselling services, both monetary and psychological, can help individuals cope with their problems rather than covering them up. Covering an incident to safeguard the brand proves that the gamers are mere commodities. Embracing the gamers and their families using their defects to help them enhance their own lives demonstrates the gamers are American athletes worthy of being discussed in dinner.
Pass me the salt whilst viewing the match at dinner should not finish with a nine-year-old boy viewing a chunk of TMZ’s video revealing Ray Rice hitting his fiancĂ©. Everybody has demons. The NFL’s previous history of attempting to pay up them and continue with business as usual is not working.
Was Ray Rice suspended due to the possible mental illness he could have if he’s an abuser? If so that is a severe liability for the NFL unless it had been in a clause. If Ray Rice does have a issue, and admits he’s a issue, then can men experiencing mental disorders be suspended or terminated? Was Ray Rice actually suspended because of the NFL eliminating itself from the humiliation of this alleged minimum punishment? Is Ray Rice, a guy with a whole lot of private demons, the NFL scapegoat?
I worry about the household that certainly has a great deal of problems and will add fiscal struggles to the listing. I fear, as I have already stated, roughly Janay Rice who is going home tonight with Rice. I fear that the NFL will only bow to the pressure of public opinion and also the wake could be catastrophic. For the NFL suspension of Rice remains protecting the newest. There is nothing about protecting the households who are left fighting. What’s going to occur to Janay? Was the NFL so worried about protecting the picture which they did not bother to inquire? Rice will indubitably shed all sponsorships, and that will he need to blame if more bargains are lost besides his spouse? Are there others such as Rice fighting their allies? Does the NFL market a culture that may result in domestic violence?
What happens when the upcoming national violence dispute surfaces? Can the NFL suspend everybody that’s part of a broken home or just those who had it leaked? It is a tricky situation. Nobody wishes to be connected to a guy who sucker punches a girl for any reason. Not even Olivia Pope in the series Scandal could reverse the terror of Ray Rice knocking out his wife, but imagine should the NFL had counselling services set up before then?

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