Disability Lawyers Help Clients Appeal Rejected Claims


Disability lawyers promise to properly file his client’s appeal in a timely and persuasive manner with the appeals board. Attorneys are very familiar with the appeals process and most attorneys possess years of experience with the appeals process and are aware of any new rules and procedures involved in the appeals process. The person who is appealing his rejected claim has a much better chance of winning his appeal if he has legal counsel by his side.

The person who appeals his rejection without the help of an attorney has a much smaller chance of winning at appeal than the same person who has legal representation. The lawyer will do all he can to increase his client’s odds of winning at appeal. Attorneys, in addition to filing proper paperwork in a timely manner, also ask for their client’s back pay.

Many people do not realize that they are entitled to back pay which is the money that should have been paid to them during the time that their claim was denied. The attorney receives part of his client’s back pay if the appeal is approved so the lawyer will certainly make sure to ask for back pay because his compensation will be higher if the appeal is approved. The lawyer will make sure that the appeal is accompanied with the proper medical records to support his client’s disability claim appeal lawyer.

Medical records must be submitted to the appeals board in a proper and timely manner so that the court can review the appeal before the hearing. Many people who represent themselves fail to submit proper documentation or they fail to submit the records in a timely manner and have their case postponed. When a disabled person’s appeal is delayed he must wait a long time before his appeal is added to the court’s calendar.

The disabled person who has his case postponed will have to arrange alternative sources of income until his appeal can be approved. The postponement might not have occurred if the disabled person had legal representation. It can be a challenging and frustrating experience to try to navigate the complex appeals process without the help of a qualified attorney.

The attorney receives up to twenty five percent of his client of the client’s back pay if the appeal is approved. Some might say that twenty five percent is more compensation than the attorney deserves to receive. But it is important to remember that the client’s appeal might not have been approved without the lawyer’s expertise.

The attorney will be paid by the awards board and then the client will receive his back pay and regular payments from the awards board once his appeal has been approved. All of the paper work has to be submitted to the board in a timely fashion before the awards department makes payments. The lawyer is required to submit all necessary paper work and send the client copies of all the paper work submitted to the awards department.

Disability lawyers will not promise their clients will win their appeal but the lawyer will promise that their client’s appeal will be properly submitted to the awards board. Lawyers have the required experience and are familiar with all the rules laid out by the appeals board. The person who had his claim rejected by the board stands a good chance of winning on appeal if he has a competent lawyer by his side.

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